Best Hemorrhoid Treatment – Top 5 Treatments For Hemorrhoids

Many people suffering with hemorrhoids want to know what is the best hemorrhoid treatment available?

But there is no right or wrong answer to this question because of the different types of hemorrhoids and how each individual’s body reacts to certain treatments. What works for one person, may not work for another.

Our Top 3 Best Hemorrhoid Treatments:

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Following are 5 other treatments for hemorrhoids that have produced positive results for many people suffering with hemorrhoids.

Warm baths – Warm baths help reduce the swelling and relieve the itching and irritation you may be experiencing. It also helps to keep the area clean.

When the area is clean, less irritation will occur and there is less chance for infection. You can add oatmeal or Epsom salt to your bath.

Both of these have properties that will take the swelling down and help soothe the area

Witch hazel – Witch hazel is great at treating external hemorrhoids because it relieves any burning and itching associated with the hemorrhoids, but also works to reduce the swelling.

Witch hazel can be found in liquid form, which you can apply with a cotton ball. You can also find pads soaked in witch hazel at most drug stores.

Aloe Vera Gel – Aloe Vera gel soothes the area and helps eliminate itching and burning. You can purchase aloe Vera from your local drug store or you can obtain it directly from the leaves of an aloe plant. Prior to applying Aloe Vera, be sure to thoroughly clean the area.

Over the counter medications – There are many over the counter hemorrhoid creams, foams and suppositories which will help bring some relief from your hemorrhoid pain.

We have compared the best 3 over-the-counter treatments for you here

Surgery – If none of the above options is proving relief, surgery may be the next option. Surgery will remove the hemorrhoid completely and should prevent any further problems with hemorrhoids.

However, even though you have surgery there is still a chance that hemorrhoids can reoccur. That is why you should exhaust all of your other hemorrhoid treatment options before electing to have surgery.

These 5 hemorrhoid treatments are just a few of the many hemorrhoid cures available. They have been known to bring relief too many hemorrhoid sufferers and will hopefully work for you to.

If you have tried one or more of these methods and your condition is not improving after a week or so, you should contact your physician to find out the best hemorrhoid treatment for your particular condition.

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