Hemorrhoid Cream – What Is The Best Hemorrhoid Cream Available?

Using a hemorrhoid cream is a great way to reduce the pain and swelling of your hemorrhoids. The best hemorrhoid creams are usually doctor prescribed because they have a much higher concentration of medicine.

But, if your hemorrhoids are not problematic enough to see a doctor, over the counter creams will work just fine as a home treatment for hemorrhoids.

rescue-lrgWith so many creams available on the market how do you know which one will work best to provide you the relief that you so desperately need.

Following are some tips on selecting and using a hemorrhoid cream:

When selecting an over the counter product, you want to choose one that will be effective at eliminating both the itching and swelling.

The best hemorrhoid cream for this task is one that contains hydrocortisone or other natural herbs that have similar affects. Hydrocortisone reduces swelling, redness, itching and irritation associated with hemorrhoids.

These products are applied topically and begin to go to work immediately to provide relief to your external hemorrhoids. They vary in price ranging from $3 to $20 dollars or more.

Usually you get what you pay for and the lower priced ones just cover up the problem while the more expensive ones work to remove the problem.

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It is not recommended that you use these products for internal hemorrhoids. You do not want these chemicals to be absorbed in your blood stream.

Hemorrhoid creams will only provide you with temporary pain relief and help to reduce the size of your hemorrhoid. They are not meant as a cure for hemorrhoids and are really only effective when you are suffering with an outbreak.

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