Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy – What Causes Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy?

Getting hemorrhoids during pregnancy is very common. Because of the increased blood flow and hormonal levels throughout the body, pregnant women are more prone to getting varicose veins in general.

Add the weight of your growing uterus to this mix which adds even more pressure to already weakened veins and pelvic area and you have a prime breeding ground for hemorrhoids.

In addition to this, many pregnant women suffer from constipation which adds additional strain on the rectum.

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, there are several things you can do to get some relief from your condition, such as:

Add More Fiber To Your Diet – Adding more fiber rich foods to your diet is probably the best hemorrhoid treatment because it will help eliminate constipation and ultimately get rid of your hemorrhoids.

In addition to adding fiber, you want to also drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily. The water will help keep your body hydrated and your system flowing properly. Hydration is another key to curing and preventing hemorrhoids altogether.

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Warm Sitz Baths – Soaking in a tub of warm water 2 to 3 times daily will help keep the hemorrhoid area, stop some of the irritation you may be experiencing and it will help to shrink your hemorrhoids.

Applying An Ice Pack – An ice pack will help reduce the swelling and discomfort of your hemorrhoids. You can apply the ice pack in 15 minute increments as often as needed.

Witch Hazel – Soak several cotton balls in witch hazel and apply directly on your external hemorrhoids. This will provide cooling and soothing relief from the itching and irritation.

Wipe Gently And Clean Thoroughly After Each Bowel Movement – While often overlook this is extremely important in treating hemorrhoids.

After each bowel movement, gently wipe the area with a moist cloth or tissue. You want to thoroughly clean the area as any residue left behind can cause you unwanted irritation and may make your condition worse.

Doing these things will help relieve the pain and irritation of your hemorrhoids. For most women, hemorrhoids will subside after pregnancy, but for an unfortunate few they will be an ongoing problem.

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