What are the common symptoms of hemorrhoids?

A common condition that affects many people, hemorrhoids can be a painful, uncomfortable and even an embarrassing condition. However, depending on the severity it is also one that can be cleared up relatively quickly.

When it comes to hemorrhoid symptoms, these can often disappear quite quickly with milder cases of the condition, although it can take longer if you have a more severe case of hemorrhoids.

It is worth noting that not everyone who gets hemorrhoids will necessarily experience any noticeable hemorrhoid symptoms, hence some people do not even realize that they have the condition.

However, many others will experience hemorrhoid symptoms, which can vary based on the severity of the condition. Some of the hemorrhoid symptoms that you may experience if you contract this condition include:

  • Itching in the area around the anus
  • Bright red blood after passing a stool
  • Piles that come outside the anus, known as prolapsed hemorrhoids
  • The discharge of mucus after passing a stool
  • The sensation that you need to empty your bowels
  • Inflammation and soreness around the anal area
  • Pain in the case of prolapsed hemorrhoids

You will not always experience all or in some cases any of these symptoms, and even if you do they may be so mild that you do not actually associate them with having hemorrhoids. However, if you suffer from a severe case of this condition then you may experience quite obvious symptoms, which may include a lot of inflammation, pain and discomfort.

Depending on the hemorrhoid symptoms that you experience along with the severity of the hemorrhoids, you may need to seek medical advice and treatment in order to get rid of the piles.

However, for many people the symptoms of hemorrhoids can be dealt with quite quickly and easily through the use of home remedies and procedures or through the use of over the counter creams and treatments that are designed to relieve some of the more common symptoms of this condition.

When it comes to hemorrhoid symptoms, if you do experience them, you may want to give it a few days to see if they clear up, which they often will in the case of milder hemorrhoids. However, if you find that the symptoms persevere or you find that the problem is getting more severe, you may want to look at getting treatment from the pharmacy or even seeking advice from your doctor.


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