What is a Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid?

Thrombosed External HemorrhoidGetting even mild hemorrhoids can cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment for some people. However, the severity of this condition can vary and although suffering from any variation of thrombosed external hemorrhoids can be unpleasant, suffering from a thrombosed external hemorrhoid can be truly awful.

A thrombosed external hemorrhoid is where an external hemorrhoid develops a blood clot within itself. This clot then restricts free blood flow from both the external hemorrhoid itself and from the surrounding tissues. Because some blood is still flowing to the hemorrhoid via the vein, you can quickly see the hemorrhoid balloon and take on a bruised colouring.

Unfortunately for sufferers of this sort of hemorrhoid, the condition can be extremely painful and can cause a huge amount of discomfort. The tenderness and pain can make things such as sitting, walking, or going to the toilet extremely difficult. These thrombosed hemorrhoids can occur even in otherwise healthy people and those said to be at increased risk statistically are pregnant women and young adults. However, any hemorrhoid can develop a blood clot, and often there is no clear reason as to why it may have happened.

A bleeding hemorrhoid could sometimes lead to a thrombosed external hemorrhoid, so it you do have a bleeding hemorrhoid you should get the problem addressed quickly. Sitting around for long periods of time can encourage clotting of the blood too, which is something to bear in mind. In addition to the obvious physical symptoms of the thrombosed hemorrhoid you will most likely experience a lot of pain as well as itching, burning and swelling.

If you do suffer from a thrombosed external hemorrhoid, you have a few options when it comes to treatment. You may be able to wait for the body to absorb the clots in the hemorrhoid, which could take several weeks – you can use specialist ointment/creams and hot baths for relief.

Alternatively, it may be worth seeing your doctor, particularly if the condition of the hemorrhoid is very bad, as he or she may be able to suggest the best form of treatment based on the severity of the condition.

In some cases, you may need to consider surgical removal of the blood clots, which would mean cutting the hemorrhoid in order to remove the clots. Your doctor will advise whether this is the most viable option after assessing your condition.

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